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Bravo Disability Support Network Inc.

QF1003.4-Membership/Renewal Membership Form

Bravo's Vision

Bravo’s vision is of a supportive community where people with disabilities and their families are included and valued.

Bravo's Mission

Bravo will partner with you to provide respectful, responsive, reliable, high-quality, safe disability supports.

Bravo's Values

Welcoming - Bravo welcomes all people with openness and respect.

Courageous - Bravo encourages bravery in all people to make their own choices.

Inclusive - Bravo's aim is to provide safe, equal access and opportunities for all people in every aspect of Bravo business.

Partnering - Bravo is dedicated to fostering committed partnerships in many ways.

Upholding Justice - Bravo upholds the fundamental human rights of justice, peace and equality and will be fair, honest and show compassion.

Showing Respect - Bravo will be open and honest and behave with integrity and dignity.

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I agree to uphold Bravo’s Constitution. I agree with the Vision, Mission and Values of Bravo Disability Support Network Inc. as stated at the top of this submission. Bravo complies with the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017, the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.
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Membership Type

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Ordinary Membership: Open to an Individual with disability and Family Members. A Family Member may include any of the following: Parents, Siblings, Spouse, Children, Grandparents, Grandchildren, Aunts, Uncles, Friend, Carer, or Neighbour. Ordinary Members can be appointed to the Governance Board and vote in elections. ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP is free.

Associate Membership: Open to any other Person or Organisation supportive of the Mission and Values and Association’s Objectives of Bravo Disability Support Network Inc. Associate Members cannot be appointed to the Governance Board or vote in elections. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is: $5.00 for Individuals / $20.00 for Organisations (GST Free). Renewal of Associate Membership - click on the relevant link after submitting this form to be taken to the secure payment by Square.

New Associate Membership Applications - Once approval is given, an invoice will be raised as a new Member.

For Membership Renewal ONLY:

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