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In December of 2005 a group of local people concerned with the extent of unmet needs and the lack of support for people with a disability and their families met to address the situation. From this meeting a small group of people became focussed on the ways to take action.

When a Disability Services (DS) funding round for Respite funding was announced this small group decided to assess the application process. After identifying that the currently available local services weren’t inclusive of those not currently in the system and fearing this wouldn’t change, this group decided to apply for the funding through an auspice body.  Mamre Association Inc. in Brisbane agreed to be the auspice body as they were very impressed with the application and the vision and values held by the group.

This small group became the steering committee who intentionally planned for an innovative organisation and when the funding application was approved by DS in April 2006 Bravo Support Network Inc. was launched.

The guidelines for the approved funding were for flexible and innovative respite for individuals with a disability.

The first Individuals and Families came on board in 2006 and the steering committee became the Management Committee in 2008 for the incorporated and DS approved organisation.

Bravo is now an organisation running several programs. The original Block Funded Respite Program is now at capacity and Bravo has expanded to include the new Bravo Options Program which accepts brokered funds. Bravo also manages an Altruistic Program which changes depending on available funds. Bravo remains committed to the goal of seeking ways to fill the gap of unmet needs for individuals with a disability and their families.

The organisation will be working under the third Strategic Plan and the Management Committee now renamed Governance Board strives to remain focussed on the initial vision, values and mission of the original Steering Committee.

Want to know more?

7 Alma St Gympie QLD 4570, Australia

Phone (07) 5482 5336

(New direct number)
Phone (07) 5482 3899

Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm